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Ben, Father of 3 — Comfortable, but Not Free

“I quit”

  1. the feeling of freedom after quitting a job;
  2. the joys and overwhelms of parenthood;
  3. the absurdity of gender stereotypes;
  4. the perils of extrinsic motivators like money & success;
  5. the value of building a marriage with…

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Take care of your body

  • Exercise more. Run and hike.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Eat well. Cook as much as you can.

Take care of your heart

  • Love yourself. Feel grateful for everything you are.
  • Love everyone around you. Feel grateful for everything they are.
  • Actually feel your feelings — be sad, be happy, be lonely, be angry. Don’t suppress your feelings or judge yourself for how you’re feeling. Just feel.

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“America, You Great Unfinished Symphony, You Sent For Me. You Let Me Make A Difference. A Place Where Even Orphan Immigrants Can Leave Their Fingerprints And Rise Up.”

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Money is everywhere

Are you feeling stuck? There’s a way out.

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In December 2019, I quit my job at Pinterest.

Get to a place in your life where you can focus on self-actualization

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The one democratic principle is that “the end of all government is the happiness of the People…the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the point to be obtained.” John Adams, 1781


Sean MacMannis

I write about empowering creators and becoming the best version of yourself. Dad 2x. SF-based.

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